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This is fansite, you can find tracks official site here: http://www.ahvenistonmoottorirata.fi/

For Finns, track of Ahvenisto is a peace of finnish motorsport history. But not just history, track in these days is still alive and well. Ahvenisto is the oldest track in use in skandinavia. That in mind, track was opened july 16, 1967.

Ahvenisto was one of the places in Europe where you could see legendary battle between Matti Alamäki and Martin Schanche at the European Rallycross Championship series in the 80's and 90's. Or maybe you could remember Ahvenisto speed weekend in the 80's. Huge grouds, 25 000 people and creat battle in Camaro Cup series between Jokke Kallio, Keke Rosberg, Ulf Larsson, Per Alm and Ropert Lappalainen. Also legendary Super Saloon class was in Ahvenisto first time in 1983. Names like Peter Norlander, Nils Gustav viik and Stefan Johansson are known drivers at least for Swedish drivers. Star of the races was the thing in middle of the 80's. All the former groud records were braked when 40 000 people come to watch F1 and World rally championship drivers racing againts each other in 1985. Names like Keke Rosberg, Timo Salonen, Markku Alen, Jaques laffitte, Nelson Piquet, Elio De Angelis, Michele mouton were all participating to the event. If we go to 60's and 70's, names like Jim Clark, James Hunt, John Gillmeister and Jack Brabham are got to be known drivers for everybody who knows anything about motorsport history. They all drive hear in Ahvenisto.





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